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12th November 2018
Extension Spring Overview

Extension springs are used in both heavy industry and in domestic tools and machinery; from the cars, we drive to the motorbikes or even to the pens we use. Springs are essential in the construction industry. Heavy machinery as well as minutely accurate scientific equipment use springs to provide the necessary contact pressure, to balance […]

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9th December 2018
Flat Springs Design and Application

Flat Springs Flat springs are flat strips from a material which can be used to store and at the same time release energy when an external load is used to deflect. Such kinds of springs are small and metal-stamped constituents that work as a spring by regulating the deflection that takes place in small or […]

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19th January 2019
Constant Force Springs

What is a constant force spring? A constant force spring, also known as clock spring, is typically a roll of pre-stressed strip that can exert a mostly constant force to withstand uncoiling. This is achieved because the changes in the curvature‚Äôs radius are also constant. However, the force is just truly constant when this variation […]

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22nd March 2021
Compression Spring Overview

COMPRESSION SPRING OVERVIEW Compression Springs are the most common coiled spring, used in countless products from pens to valves and beyond. In order for CBS to create a bespoke design that is specific to your application, Central Birmingham Springs employ modern and traditional methods, utilising the correct materials and process to produce that perfect fit […]

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2nd March 2022
New Spring Development for Medical device

Case Study Sector: Medical Equipment Manufacture Type of part: Small Compression Spring Production Type: Part Production & Clean Room Assembly Customer Requirement: The current assembly was not operating as required on a safety blood device. A small compression spring seemed to be the issue. They contacted CBS to see if we could help. Engineering Solution: […]

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3rd March 2022
Complex spring package & JIT Delivery

Case Study Sector: UK Hydraulic & Valve Manufacturer Number of parts: 100+ Product Type: Compression Spring Delivery Type: Just in Time (JIT) / No customer stockholding / Short Lead times Customer Requirement: A leading UK Hydraulics Manufacturer contacted CBS to quote for a large compression spring package, with short lead times and no customer stock […]

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4th March 2022
380 year old Clock Spring - Custom Solution

Case Study Sector: Musical Instrument Restoration Type of part: 380 year old Harp Spring Production Type: Small Volume Custom Clock Spring Customer Requirement: A restorer of old musical instruments was finding it incredibly difficult to find a manufacturer interested enough to help produce small volume clock springs. A 380 year old Harp needed this part […]

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4th March 2022
Conveyor Part Saves Weeks of Lost Production Time

Case Study Sector: Plastics Moulding Type of part: 5m Auger Screw Production Type: One off conveyor machine part Customer Requirement: A local plastic moulding business had production shutdown after their conveyor system went down. The part required would take weeks to arrive from the manufacturer and that meant a closed production line. Engineering Solution: After […]

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13th March 2024

Background: In the dynamic automotive industry, precision and reliability are essential elements for vehicle performance. A prominent automotive company approached CBS with a critical need, to develop a custom extension spring for a vital component in their vehicle suspension system. The extension spring had to meet rigorous performance standards while enduring the demanding conditions of […]

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13th March 2024

Background: In the demanding environment of the Oil & Gas industry, equipment reliability is paramount. A leading oil and gas company approached CBS with a unique challenge: they required a highly durable and corrosion-resistant compression spring to withstand extreme conditions in their drilling operations. With rigorous performance requirements and tight deadlines, CBS was tasked with […]

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