Compression Spring Overview

compression spring iconCOMPRESSION SPRING OVERVIEW

Compression Springs are the most common coiled spring, used in countless products from pens to valves and beyond. In order for CBS to create a bespoke design that is specific to your application, Central Birmingham Springs employ modern and traditional methods, utilising the correct materials and process to produce that perfect fit to your specific solution.

Compression springs are the most popular types of springs. Compression springs work by resisting compression forces and keeping energy in the push mode. While all compression springs work using the same principle, the principle is applied in different ways. These include nonlinear load deflection, extreme space efficiency, and a better energy storage capacity.

Compression springs are open-coil springs, suitable for linear applications. When the spring is compressed the force created will push the spring back to its open position. Different configurations of coiling, material and treatment give unique characteristics to the spring, allowing it to work precisely within many applications.


  • Valves (domestic and industrial applications)
  • Electronics (push button / switch)
  • Manufacturing machinery
  • Industrial Clutch and Brake applications
  • Power Switches

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