Originally used within the tailoring sector, the term ‘bespoke’ was used to describe suits that were tailored to fit and specific to the individual wearer.

From a manufacturing standpoint, we see it as a term that says exactly the same thing, but for application solutions. There are a lot of catalogue solutions out there that will ‘fit’ and will do the job up to a point. When that spring or wire form reaches it limitations, looking at the material science, the spring characteristics and the application specifics, allows Central Birmingham Springs to tailor fit a solution that will increase lifespan, improve functionality and provide a bespoke solution to your product.

With the Manufacturing world ever changing and the expectation of continuous improvement within many ‘quality’ & ‘analysis’ systems, we know that each individual component can greatly improve a process or product. Bespoke to us, means understanding your needs and then delivering what you need, when you need it.

So whether it’s a ‘custom solution’ or a ‘bespoke solution’, CBS are happy to help you get what’s right  and not just ‘close enough’.

Talk to us about your application issues and see how we can get you the right solution, at the right cost and at the right time.