Wire Forming

Whether you need a wireform based on a detailed drawing, a sample, an idea or a new project, we can help you! We can produce customised wireforms from a wire diameter of 0.1mm to 25mm.

Wireforms are versatile components widely used in various industries for their flexibility, strength, and adaptability. These components are typically manufactured by bending, cutting, or shaping wire into specific forms to serve a wide range of functions.

They come in diverse shapes and sizes, including loops, hooks, bends, and complex geometries, depending on the intended application. They are commonly utilized in products ranging from automotive assemblies to household appliances and industrial machinery.

One of the key advantages of wireforms is their ability to provide efficient solutions for complex design requirements while maintaining cost-effectiveness. Their inherent flexibility allows for customization to meet specific needs, such as load-bearing capacity, dimensional accuracy, and resistance to corrosion or fatigue. With a wide selection of materials available, including steel, stainless steel, and various alloys, wireforms have to be tailored to face diverse environmental conditions and operating environments.

Depending on the needs of the clients, CBS uses CNC wireforming machines to produce wireforms with precision and consistency, and ensure quality standards required by you.

Wireforms play a crucial role in enhancing the functionality and performance of a broad range of products, offering reliable and efficient solutions for diverse engineering challenges, and we will make sure to manufacture them with the maximum care.


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