Extension Springs

We can manufacture extension springs ranging from 0.1mm to 25mm wire diameter. Whether you provide a detailed drawing, share an innovative concept, or outline a project, you can trust us to diligently create the ideal extension spring to meet your unique needs.

Extension springs are a vital component in many mechanical systems, providing force when stretched or extended. These springs are designed to store energy and exert a pulling force, making them essential in applications ranging from automotive suspensions to industrial machinery. Their design typically consists of tightly wound coils with hooks (English or German) or loops at each end, allowing for easy attachment and installation.

Extension springs come in a wide range of sizes, materials, and configurations to suit various requirements. One of the key advantages of extension springs is their ability to provide a consistent force over a wide range of deflection or extension; this makes them ideal for applications where controlled movement or tension is necessary, such as in garage doors, trampolines, and agricultural equipment.

In CBS we tailor extension springs to your specific requirements, considering factors such as load capacity, operating environment, and space constraints, and quickly deliver the perfect solution to your needs.


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