380 year old Clock Spring - Custom Solution

Case Study

Sector: Musical Instrument Restoration

Type of part: 380 year old Harp Spring

Production Type: Small Volume Custom Clock Spring

Customer Requirement:

A restorer of old musical instruments was finding it incredibly difficult to find a manufacturer interested enough to help produce small volume clock springs. A 380 year old Harp needed this part to complete its restoration.

Engineering Solution:

We understand that not every job will lead to mass volume production and that sometimes, showing an interest can lead to learning and in this case, lead to a Classical Harp being back in its collection and working as it should.

Production Solution:

We're proud to be offer the same level of engineering for all our customers. Whether its a multi-national business or a craftsman in need of some expertise, we are happy to help.

Current State: Harp is back in its collection and working as it should!


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