Case Study

Sector: Plastics Moulding

Type of part: 5m Auger Screw

Production Type: One off conveyor machine part

Customer Requirement:

A local plastic moulding business had production shutdown after their conveyor system went down. The part required would take weeks to arrive from the manufacturer and that meant a closed production line.

Engineering Solution:

After an initial discussion CBS analysed the broken part, an auger screw. We identified and sized up the required material and ordered in stock. We then set up the tooling to replicate the 5m screw.

Production Solution:

Within days, the conveyor system was back up and running and the customer could get back to production. Taking a 3 week loss of production and reducing it to one.

Current State: Conveyor System up and running with 2 weeks production time saved

Case Study

Sector: Musical Instrument Restoration

Type of part: 380 year old Harp Spring

Production Type: Small Volume Custom Clock Spring

Customer Requirement:

A restorer of old musical instruments was finding it incredibly difficult to find a manufacturer interested enough to help produce small volume clock springs. A 380 year old Harp needed this part to complete its restoration.

Engineering Solution:

We understand that not every job will lead to mass volume production and that sometimes, showing an interest can lead to learning and in this case, lead to a Classical Harp being back in its collection and working as it should.

Production Solution:

We're proud to be offer the same level of engineering for all our customers. Whether its a multi-national business or a craftsman in need of some expertise, we are happy to help.

Current State: Harp is back in its collection and working as it should!

Case Study

Sector: UK Hydraulic & Valve Manufacturer

Number of parts: 100+

Product Type: Compression Spring

Delivery Type: Just in Time (JIT) / No customer stockholding / Short Lead times

Customer Requirement:

A leading UK Hydraulics Manufacturer contacted CBS to quote for a large compression spring package, with short lead times and no customer stock holding.


At the CBS Facility, the team set up production cells that produce the various compression spring part range accurately and quickly.

Working closely with the customer, the CBS Teams then set up the communications and process for production and Just in Time delivery.

Current State: CBS Vans deliver parts 2-3 times a week precisely when the production team needs them.

Case Study

Sector: Medical Equipment Manufacture

Type of part: Small Compression Spring

Production Type: Part Production & Clean Room Assembly

Customer Requirement:

The current assembly was not operating as required on a safety blood device. A small compression spring seemed to be the issue. They contacted CBS to see if we could help.

Engineering Solution:

Our engineering team analysed the spring and the assembly, to better understand the operational requirements the spring needed to meet. Using a cross section and modelling, we were able re-design the spring and reduce the tensile strength of the wire giving perfect results.

Production Solution:

Due to the very small compression spring part, delivering in bulk often causes tangling and this was slowing production down for the customer. CBS offered an assembly solution that improved production by assembling the unit in a clean room environment, straight off the coiling machine. The completed assembled parts are then delivered to the production facility. This also meant that we could omit heat treatment from the process, increasing production.

Current State: Delivering assembled units to customer exactly when required.

Originally used within the tailoring sector, the term 'bespoke' was used to describe suits that were tailored to fit and specific to the individual wearer.

From a manufacturing standpoint, we see it as a term that says exactly the same thing, but for application solutions. There are a lot of catalogue solutions out there that will 'fit' and will do the job up to a point. When that spring or wireform reaches its limitations, by looking at the material science, the spring characteristics and the application specifics, Central Birmingham Springs can tailor parts to fit a solution that will increase lifespan, improve functionality and provide a bespoke solution to your product.

With the Manufacturing world ever changing and the expectation of continuous improvement within many 'quality' & 'analysis' systems, we know that each individual component can greatly improve a process or product. Bespoke to us, means understanding your needs and then delivering what you need, when you need it and support your application.

So whether it's a 'custom solution' or a 'bespoke solution', CBS are happy to help you get what's right and not just 'close enough'.

Talk to us about your application issues and see how we can get you the right solution, at the right cost and at the right time.

Feel free to send us any enquiries or current issues and we would be happy to discuss further and get you a cost efficient, longer lasting solution.


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