Micro torsion spring for medical application


A prominent medical device company specialising in minimally invasive surgical equipment approached CBS with a unique requirement for a micro torsion spring made from 0.15mm wire.

The client's innovative surgical device aimed to improve precision and flexibility during delicate procedures, requiring a highly specialized spring component to facilitate its functionality.


The project posed significant challenges due to the miniature scale and intricate design specifications of the micro torsion spring. Among these challenges were the need for miniaturisation to fit within the compact dimensions of the medical device without compromising performance, the requirement for precision engineering to ensure precise torsional characteristics for optimal functionality and reliability during surgical procedures, and the necessity for biocompatibility in the material used for the spring to ensure patient safety and regulatory compliance within the medical industry.

Technical Approach:

To address the client's requirements, CBS embarked on a comprehensive technical approach:

  • Custom Design: Our team of engineers collaborated closely with the client to understand the specific requirements and performance criteria of the micro torsion spring. Utilising advanced CAD software and simulation tools, we developed a custom design optimised for the application.
  • Material Selection: After thorough research and testing, we selected a biocompatible material that met the stringent regulatory standards of the medical industry while ensuring the necessary mechanical properties for torsional performance.
  • Precision Manufacturing: Leveraging our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and advanced machining capabilities, we meticulously produced the micro torsion spring with utmost precision and accuracy, adhering to tight tolerances and quality standards.
  • Testing and Validation: Prior to final delivery, the springs underwent rigorous testing and validation procedures to ensure they met the client's performance requirements and complied with regulatory standards for medical devices.


The collaboration between CBS and the medical device company resulted in the successful development and production of the micro torsion spring. Key outcomes included:

  • Miniaturisation: Despite the challenges posed by the small size, CBS engineered a micro torsion spring that met the client's size constraints without sacrificing performance.
  • Precision and Reliability: The springs exhibited precise torsional characteristics, providing the necessary flexibility and control required for the surgical device's functionality.
  • Regulatory Compliance: The selected biocompatible material ensured the springs met the regulatory requirements for medical devices, contributing to the safety and reliability of the overall product.
  • Customer Satisfaction: The client expressed satisfaction with the quality, performance, and timely delivery of the micro torsion springs, highlighting CBS's ability to meet their exacting standards and exceed expectations.


The successful development of the micro torsion spring exemplifies CBS's technical expertise, precision engineering capabilities, and commitment to delivering tailored solutions for the medical industry. Through collaborative partnership and innovative thinking, CBS continues to support advancements in medical technology by providing high-quality spring components that meet the unique needs of our clients.


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