Duplex springs are magnetic and resistant to corrosion than other springs. They are used in commercial, residential, self storage, truck body doors and rolling steels. They can also be used for making spring products such as wave springs, compression springs and retaining springs.

Main features of Duplex Springs

They have good weldability
Better pitting resistance than stainless steels
Uniform corrosion resistance

Duplex Springs Application

They are used in:
Oil and gas industries
Chemical processing plants
Marine environments
Tools used to control pollution
Military installations

Duplex Springs Manufacture

They are made of special steel, double wound and they have a protective spring cover that is flexible. Duplex springs can be used to replace broken or worn springs in any handpiece. These springs give extra flexibility to any handpiece when you require specific control for important work. It is important to constantly lubricate duplex spring components to keep them functional.
It is recommended that these springs be handled by users with some experience in flex shaft tools and those whose jobs require extra flexibility because they are not covered by any warranty, and they can easily break.
To choose the proper spring, you need these elements:
Inside diameter
The size of the wire:
Length of the spring
The left and right wind of the spring
The size of the wire can be determined by many tools such as callipers, wire gauge and micrometer. If you don’t have any of these tools, you can use ten coils of wire to measure.

Duplex Springs Use and Replacement

One way to determine if a duplex spring needs replacement is to take a look at the inner spring. Also, you can weigh the overhead door. For a door, if it closes it should weigh 20 pounds, so, if it weighs more than that, it means that you have a broken spring. Another way of doing this is to observe the stationary cones. If there is a break, the coil will wind more onto the cone.
About us:
At Central Birmingham springs, we are instrumental in giving premium grade duplex springs to our clients across the country. Our springs are manufactured following industry standards by using quality raw materials. The products are customised by our team of professionals on the basis of dimension, size and other specifications so as to meet the requirements of customers.
We offer different custom springs with a variety of wire options including hard drawn, oil tempered, chrome silicon, galvanised, and 302/304 stainless. Also, our engineers can work together with you to design steels of different performance qualities that you may require. To help us in identifying the right spring for your application, ensure you put together the right information.